Dress Code
This event is a black-tie affair. Tuxedos or suits and evening gowns or cocktail dresses are suggested. Please, keep all attire modest* and classy.
*We find that modesty is best decided upon by prom guests and their parents. In the past we have not found a need for a strict dress code. We want our guests to feel comfortable and beautiful. 
Code of Conduct
Be Kind
No bullying or unkind behavior or remarks will be tolerated. This includes social media. 

Be Modest
Modesty is not just about attire. No immodest behavior, speech, dancing, or public displays of affection.

Be Safe
We will have security guards providing security inside the building and in the parking lot. Guests needing to leave the building are required to be accompanied by one of our adult escorts if they want re-entry into the prom.  If a guest chooses to leave the building unescorted, they will not be granted re-entry.
Be Legal
No illegal behavior or substances. No smoking, chewing tobacco, e-cigs, or vaping allowed.

Code of Conduct violations, including disrespectful or violent behavior, may result in expulsion from the event. We reserve the right to respond to any violation by prohibiting the violator(s) from attending any future prom events, including prom itself.
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